My invincible mom! The strongest person in the universe!

My dear mom delivers yogurt in the morning and cleans other peoples’ homes in the afternoon. She is so determined to get me, a patient with a fatal disease who cannot walk and has a time-limit of 5 years, to travel around the world. But the only thing I can do for her is practice walking alone and studying about the Louvre. I think my mom is very sick, though. God, Sir? Please make my mom feel better. You can even give her my heart. Please?

Resonant and touching! Is this a mom or enemy? A despicable person I just can’t hate.

My mom, or professor JANG I mean, is the top soprano singer in Korea. Stumbling behind my proud mom like her maid, struggling to carry all her clothes, is me. She was humiliated with me when I sang a popular song at my school festival because to her, it’s “vulgar.” Pissed off, I skipped out on university and “vulgarly” married a guy 12 years older than me and had his baby. And she asks me if I even had a dream. I can’t stand her anymore. Should I just go on an audition program and embarrass the crap out of her?

I just can’t live without my mom! Thank you mom, for just being alive!

My mom is diagnosed with breast cancer. She needs to get a surgery soon, but she’s holding it off saying she can’t allow a surgery that would take a breast off a woman. What else? She wants to see her first love Deok-soo before she dies. Beat near death her whole life by my jackass father, I’m going to protect my mom in any way I can. I’ve completely fooled her into believing that I’m an English teacher. I’ll let my boys loose and find that first love of hers.



CHOI Equan




UHM Jung-hwa, KIM Hae-sook, YOO Hai-jin

Release Date

June 2, 2011

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18F, 295, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, 05510, Republic of Korea

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Line 2 Jamsil Station Exit #8



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