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LOTTE ENTERTAINMENT l set the release date for 13th February in Korea!

January 25, 2019

From the director of PUNCH and THREAD OF LIES
A compelling drama about a murder suspect’s attorney and an unusual eye witness

INNOCENT WITNESS has confirmed a theatrical release in Korea for February 13. The story begins as Sun-ho, a murder suspect’s lawyer, meets the case’s only eye witness, Ji-woo, a schoolgirl who has autism. We follow on a heart-warming journey of friendship as the two people who are a world apart grow to understand each other. The next well-made court drama to come out of Korea following THE ATTORNEY and NEW TRIAL has released the main poster and trailer, and the deeply-moving onscreen interaction between the two actors is making a lot of buzz about the film.
  Main T R A I L E R  
Genre : Drama
Director : LEE Han (Thread of Lies (2013), Punch (2011))
Cast : JUNG Woo-sung (Steel Rain (2017), The King (2016), Asura: The City of Madness(2016))
KIM Hyang-gi (Along with the Gods (2018), Thread of Lies (2013))
Release Date : Feb 13, 2019
Status : Post-Production
Synopsis : An old man suffering from depression is found dead, and his housekeeper, Mi-ran, is charged with the murder. Mi-ran’s defense attorney, Sun-ho, is surprised to learn the only witness to the crime is Ji-woo, a teenage girl with Asperger’s. Will Ji-woo be able to take the stand and provide a valid statement?
27th Floor, LOTTE World Tower 300, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul 05551, Korea
Taeyoung KIM E : taeyoung.kim@lotte.net
Joonsik EOM E : akabros@lotte.net
Heewon SUH E : hwsuh@lotte.net
Inwoo CHOI E : inu3609@lotte.net